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The Walking Dead: Zonbi and Zombie as Metaphor

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 The Walking Dead: Zonbi and Zombie as Metaphor

            A black man sits in the back of a police car on his way to prison.  A few short minutes later, the talkative officer hits a pedestrian in the middle of the highway, sending the car over the edge.  The man wakes up, still cuffed, to see the policeman dead, he and his shotgun both outside.  As the man makes his way out of the car, he pulls the handcuff keys from the policeman, then struggles away as the corpse lurches towards him, eager to tear off a piece of flesh.  This is the beginning of the newest iteration of media sensation The Walking Dead, a Telltale video game based on the TV show which is, in turn, based on the graphic novel.  As will be shown in this paper, the zombie as a metaphor is a common trend, but is by no means original; zombies have been used as metaphors since they began. Continue reading


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