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About Me

I am a 30+ year old mother, veteran of the US Navy, and college graduate with a BA in Cultural Anthropology from Ashford University. I hope to continue my college education through graduate school at UNLV. I enjoy learning new things. I also enjoy video games.

In my “Learning” Category are blog posts full of facts about people, history, and other interesting tidbits that I want to share with people. All these “Learning” blogs have the information compiled from different credible locations, from books to websites, and not Wikipedia. They are all places that I would reference in a college paper I would write, so you can take my word that what you read is fact.

In “Thinking” are my opinions on world events, politics, or what brand of diaper I prefer. So, if you want to read one but not another, just head over to “Categories” and pick out what you want to read!

Leave a comment, if you don’t mind. I love learning new things and hearing other peoples’ thoughts, even if they don’t line up with my own.

You can also visit my gaming blog where I have some reviews, some gaming-related articles, and a webcomic I write and draw based on one of my D&D characters.


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