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CityCenter: A Symbol of Las Vegas’s Hubris

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CityCenter: A Symbol of Las Vegas’s Hubris

            Sin City.  Land of Lost Wages.  Glitter Gulch.  The Entertainment Capital of the World.  The city of Las Vegas has held many nicknames, but is rarely referred to outside that one mile stretch of Las Vegas Boulevard nicknamed “The Strip.”  The city was built for, and maintained by, one industry: tourism (Turley, 2005).  Riding high on extreme demand, Las Vegas suffered from idealism in the form of a golden goose that would never die.  With the recession of 2009, however, the world tightened their collective belts and Las Vegas suffered.  Slow to adapt to changing economic realities, huge risks were taken in a town where all odds are supposed to favor the House, and none were more prominent than CityCenter.  Planned and started before the collapse, CityCenter has become a symbol for the ego of Las Vegas, and has been forcibly kept alive through controversial means, but only time will tell if it was a mistake to continue feeding the behemoth that dwells on the Strip. Continue reading


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